Is Thai language the skill you would like to master, in spite of your busy lifetstyle?
Nowadays learning doesn't mean you need to sit down with a book to study anymore, it can be integrated into your daily life, just by checking your social media notifications and learn Thai from our lessons on our Telegram Channels and FB groups, you will be able to learn new things every day.

What are the keys to Thai Language Success?
1) Consistency - in learning ti and using it
2) Creativity - in how to learn it and remember it too


The purpose of our Thai Language Success E-coaching program is to be there for you to help you learn Thai consistently, creatively and effectively anywhere, anytime in the world and in spite of your busy lifestyle.

What does our Thai Language Success E-Coaching Program come with?

1) E-Learning Program via our FB social learning groups exclusively for subscribers only, where you can learn Thai from our innovative keynote videos and creative photo lessons in well-organised albums.

2) E-Coaching Program via our Telegram channels where you can enjoy learning Thai with our photo lessons+ audio coaching (voice clips), Thai language learning tips, and Q&A support by Khun Kruu Noot

3) E-Learning Support (e.g. Thai Movies/Music/News, our blogs, Thai literacy cheat sheets and many more) We do our best to support our students in integrating Thai into their lifestyle and daily life by sharing with them on our shortlisted links to interesting Thai movies, Thai music, Thai cooking show, or anything in Thai at all to make sure they have something to practice their Thai listening skills on daily basis.

Besides our e-lessons, you should also do your best to practice communicating with yourself in Thai, chatting with your Thai friends/online friends/other Thai learners in Thai and regularly use Thai-Eng-Thai dictionary to expand your Thai vocabulary on daily basis.

If you apply the knowledge from our Thai lessons + learning strategies, techniques and tools into practicewithin a few months, you will see a significant improvement in your Thai language skills.

We are here to help you establish daily Thai learning habits
with our creative learning strategies for your Thai language success.

What are the benefits of being our E-Coaching Program students?

  • 1) Starter kit videos on Thai Pronunciation Guide with Thai romanization system (in our ECP FB group)

  • 2) Starter kit presentation on how to learn Thai consonants and vowels in 8 days. (upon request)

  • 3) Thai Conversation Success and Thai Literacy Success Check List for your study framework (upon request)

  • 4) Exclusive access to our VIP FB groups and Telegram channels 

  • 5) Daily bite-sized Thai lessons on Khun Kruu Noot's personal FB/our VIP Telegram channels

  • 6) Thai language success tips, tools, techniques and learning strategies to help you learn Thai more effectively 

  • 7) Sharing of shortlisted Thai movies and songs for your edutainment with key vocabulary  and word usage

  • 8) Q&A/e-coaching support from Khun Kruu Noot (you can PM her privately via Telegram/FB messenger)

  • 9) Assignments, exercise, and quizzes to evaluate and keep track of your learning progress 

What are the 9 modules available?
1) Thai for Beginners (basic vocabulary)
2) Thai Conversation Success (sentence structure, grammar)
3) Thai Consonants and Vowels 
4) Thai Literacy Success (Thai spelling and tone rules)
5) Intermediate Thai (more complex sentences, short articles)
6) Advanced Thai (Thai articles, learn from Thai media for Thais)
7) Thai For Romance (Thai conversation for love, dating & relationship)
8) Thai For Holidays (Food, shopping, directions)
9) Thai For Business (Thai conversation for work/business purpose)  
+ Bonus: Multimedia Thai Group (Shortlisted interesting Thai media for your listening/reading practice) 

Our Students' Perks: 

  • Special WisePolyglot member rate when you register to join for any of WisePolyglot Thai Language Workshops on a Standard Ticket (Currently only available in Singapore. If you want our workshops to be conducted in your country, please let us know)

  • VIP attention and Q&A support from Khun Kruu Noot in answering any questions you may have about Thai language usage, grammar, sentence structure, and Thai language learning techniques

  • Exclusive VIP Access to enjoy our new and existing lessons in 4 to 9 groups (based on your subscription)

  • Life time membership to WisePolyglot Inner Circle

Terms and conditions: 

  • Translation service is not included in this program 

  • Personal video/voice calls are not included in this program (our support will be provided via Telegram/FB text messaging or voice messaging only)

  • For optimal results, you should be participating in our bite-sized assignments and quizzes to make your e-learning with us more interactive and effective.

  • You must take your own responsibility to check notifications from us and ask us for support when needed.

What happens after subscribing?
1) Please PM Khun Noot  to inform her of you current level of Thai language, learning goals and objectives 
2) Add  Khun Noot as friend on Facebook (She will accept friend requests from her students only)
3) Message Khun Noot your Mobile No./Telegram/WhatsApp details.
4) Send her proof of your subscription details (if only your FB name is different from your registered name)
5) Join our "WisePolyglot Inner Circle" , available for our workshop/ECP students only
6) Accept all of our group invitation notifications and enjoy learning the exclusive content in there

How soon can I start?
You will be contacted and given the access to our E-coaching Program within 24 hours.The duration of your access to our program will depend on the duration you have signed up for.

Can I have a free preview/trial experience before the sign up?
Yes, you can check out our free preview FB group: "Learn Thai on the go"
Please note that the lessons there are only about 5% of what is available in our actual E-Coaching program. 
We have more multimedia Thai lessons and coaching in our E-coaching program. 

What did Khun Kruu Noot's students say?

What is the cost to join our E-Coaching Program?

You can choose to sign up for ECP annual subscription for 2 years:
PLAN A) SGD$288 for annual subscription (for access to all 9 modules)
PLAN B) SGD$188 for annual subscription (for access to basic 4 modules)

You can choose to sign up for ECP monthly subscription for 1 year:
PLAN C) SGD$28 for monthly subscription (for access to all 9 modules)
PLAN D) SGD$18 for monthly subscription (for access to basic 4 modules)

How to sign up?
Select 1 of the 4 subscription plans above.


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