Learn Thai on-the-go with Khun Kruu Noot

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With Khun Kruu Noot's exclusive social media lessons and learning strategies, you can learn Thai anytime, anywhere in the world with her e-coaching support.

Our program is designed to help you integrate Thai langauge learning to your everyday life through Khun Kruu Noot & family's daily life lessons and her photo lessons, some audio/ video lessons via FB groups and Q&A e-coaching support via Telegram.

Our e-coaching program comes with 9 modules and 2 bonus life-time groups to give you more opportunities to learn and practice Thai on daily basis within our inner circle.


Our bitesized Thai lessons are very fun, creative, relatable and easy to remember.

You only need to spend a few minutes a day to check out the e-lessons and learn them daily for a year to experience the difference in your Thai language skills. Whenever you have questions on how to learn Thai, you can always chat with Khun Kruu noot on Telegram.

These are the 9 modules that cover in our program

Objective of our E-coaching program:
To help busy Thai language learners who are trying to learn Thai by themselves learn Thai more effectively with Khun Kruu Noot's learning materials, strategies and e-coaching support, via Facebook groups and Telegram channels, exclusively for our students only

How to sTart Learning Thai with Khun Kruu Noot?

What's next after you have signed up? 
Please PM Khun Kruu Noot with your registered details, email and phone no. for the 1-year access to her E-coaching program (9 FB groups and 9 Telegram channels for all levers + 2
 bonus groups.

What did Khun Kruu Noot's students say?

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