Bringing out the BEST in YOU

We always love to upgrade our tech gadgets to enjoy the best version available, but what about ourselves? Do we always continuously upgrade ourselves to be the best version we possibly can be?

All of us were born with the ability to learn things and potential to succeed in life but not all of us are making full use of it.

Many of us are better at being a critic of things around us. We seem to have a lot of ideas on how our colleagues or supervisors at work should treat the team members better for a more collaborative teamwork and how service crews at a restaurant should have more of service mindset for our better service experience as a customer.

Do we think about the ideas on how to improve ourselves often enough as we do towards others?

In any organisation, people admire, respect and value team members who can make a difference with their innovative ideas, contribution, performance and even just their positive presence. While some people with self-limiting belief are not ambitious nor motivated enough to think they can be one of these "star performers" too.

In fact, being a high performer has nothing to do with competing with others and you do not need to have years of experience or know everything before attempting to be one, instead, it is all about continuously challenging yourself to become the best version of yourself. When you can truly believe in "your product", the world will believe in it too.