Being ahead of changes

In the current society, everything around us is changing at a relatively fast pace and one of the greatest change is the way we communicate with each other.

Nowadays with technology advancement, people no longer need to send snail mail letter to ask how their loved ones are doing, nor the need to travel hours to meet each other to talk, as all we need is just a mobile phone and the internet.

Such concept applies to our lives as well where if we have decided not to change due to fear of failure, or fear of losing current comfort or status, we would eventually become the "snail mail letter".

To avoid becoming "obsolete", we would have to be ahead of changes, and there are a few ways to stay ahead of changes:

1) Be open and eager to learn anything and everything (Be "Kiasu - Fear of losing out" to yourself)

By opening ourselves up to learning anything and everything, we will then be able to see things from various perspective and helping us understand things better.