Be a positive influencer for a positive team culture

All of us are more influential than we think we are. In whatever we say or do, it leaves an impact on the people around us and the environment we live in, may it be in a positive or negative way.

When it comes to “wind of negativity”, would you choose to be a “fan” or an “air purifier”? Are you aware that you have a choice to be an “air purifier” or a “fan” ? An air purifier filters out the polluted air and released out better quality air, while a fan just blows the same air back to the surrounding environment.

Why is it important to be a positive influencer at work?

If a positive team culture is what you want to be part of, you need to believe that it starts with YOU and if everybody thinks like you or influenced by you, the reality of having a positive team culture can be easily achieved.

Here are the 10 ways to be a positive influencer at work.

1) Start with a grateful attitude As you can’t really have a bad day with a good attitude, start your day by being grateful and thankful for what you have and making an active decision to make it another good day. Express your thankful appreciation to anyone you meet who does anything nice or kind to you or help you in anything at all.

2) Spread your positive energy Bear in mind that any feelings and comments you expressed to others, it will somehow affect the listeners’ mood and way of thinking. If you were to spread something, why not spread your happiness and optimism. Happiness is contagious. Have you ever had a conversation with a happy and energetic person, did you feel that you become happier afterwards too?

3) A smiley face is better than a grumpy face Smile to those around you and even yourself too. When you are stressed, try smiling and you will imm