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Positive Parenting Coaching Session with Natalie Guo

Beside raising up our child/children physically, we need to take care of them emotionally too. A well loved and educated child will grow up to an emotionally healthy adult who is more likely to be more successful in both personal life and career life.
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Positive Parenting Coaching Session with Natalie Guo

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Time is TBD
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About The Event

As a parent, you are playing a very important role in your child's life.

You are in charge of making this world a better place by raising up 1 person or more if you have more. 

They are kids who grow up to be successful people who help many more people and there are kids who grow up to cause safety concern and cause troubles to many people around them.

What is your goal in raising up your child?

A happy, healthy, socialable and successful kid?

You as a parent, you can make or break your child's future.

Their future depends greatly on how you program their childhood experience. 

Natalie strongly believes in positive parenting must comes from 2 words " LOVE and LOGICS" and she has been successfully embrace it on her 2 kids as you can see from her page: www.facebook.com/gwynfynn

At this workshop, she will be sharing with you more about:

How you can program their childhood positively.

What are the 4 languages of love your children need.

How to speak a language of love well so your child will grow up with love and yet not spoiled.

How to discipline your child without hurting their soul.

How to empower them to grow up to be responsible and sensible adults.

How to understand your child better and know what motivates/demotivate them

You can register to this private coaching session with Natalie Guo here.

We will get back to you to arragnge for the meet up date and time and how to make payment.

How much does it cost to have a 3 hours-coaching session on positive parenting with Natalie?

VIP ticket (1 on 1 session) $288

Standard ticket (2-3 participants) $128 per person

Ecomomic ticket (3-5 particiants) $88 per person

Please contact us for inquiries:

Email: coaching@wisepolyglot.com

Facebook Message: www.facebook.com/gwynfynn

WhatsApp: +65 81288531

Registration is closed for this event.

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