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Achieving success with Pessitivity by Kendray Lau

Applying positivity to create success and negativity to minimise chances of failure
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Achieving success with Pessitivity by Kendray Lau

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Negativity - A pessimistic attitude that always expects the worst.

For our whole life, most of us had been taught that Negativity is a bad thing, and we should always try to dispel Negativity.

Generally, a Negative person can be spotted as:

1) Impatient

2) A person full of complaints

3) "Nothing is ever good enough"

4) Kiasu (Fear of losing)

5) Forthcoming

6) Increased anxiety when nearing deadline

7) Being extremely time conscious

8) Rushing for something most of the time

9) Depressed

10) And more...

Now, how are we able to manage Negativity to deliver the positive outcome?

What are the possible solutions to various situations?

To what extent should we try to collaborate, and when should be the time when we have no choice but to raise the white flag?

Here are a few scenarios:

Have you ever encountered any person who appeared to be panicky most of the time, and always seemed to be preparing for the worst (thinking that something bad is bound to happen to them); When the worst did happen, they could still amazingly manage to tide over the crisis.

Or, have you encountered any person who always seemed to be impatient with completing their tasks, and in the process, stresses others to keep up their paces.

Or, any person that whines, and complaining about things not going their way, appearing as not putting in any effort in changing things for the better? And, you often wondered what causes such behaviour?; Or, could there be something important which you should be concerned with?

Have you been thinking about how such "Negativity" can be placed into good use? Or how to collaborate with people having negativity to work on a common goal, and achieving long-term greater productivity and results?

Negativity, if incorrectly managed, could hinder productivity and damage relationships in the workplace, and could also result in loss of customers for an organisation.


Course objectives:

You will be able to strategically place a Negative person's "Forte" at the right place to drive greater productivity and efficiency for the company.

Identification of characteristics of various "Negative" people in your workplace.

Recognising and cultivating +ve Negativity energy to deliver the positive outcome and better workflow and systems for the business.

Usage of various communication techniques to resolve conflicts, enhance productivity and efficiency, and improving team cohesiveness.

Techniques on how to collaborate effectively with people having negativity. (Case studies, and real life scenario)

Early prevention and intervention of "Negativity" from spreading in the workplace.

Who should attend this course?




Customer Relations Officer

People who aspire to help manage Negativity in the workplace for a better workplace relationship / teamwork

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