About WisePolyglot


WisePolyglot - We exist to coach and inspire people with essential soft skills to help them in becoming their best-self to be able to make a positive difference in their personal and professional life and in return, make a positive impact on the world we live in and those around us.

Personal Development Coaching Programs:

Entrepreneurial Mindset
Emotional Intelligence for Emotional Success
Effective Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills 

Problem-solving Skills
Power of Positive Influence
Power of Positive Mindset

Personal Effectiveness and Proactiveness 
Self-empowerment for Success

Evolving into Superman / Superwoman in Life

People Development Coaching Programs for Leaders/Employers:

Empathic Leadership for Effective Leaders
High-performance Team Development

Positive Team Culture Cultivation
Talent Acquisition Strategies
Talent Development 
People Oriented Recruitment Strategies
People Analytical skills for Interview and Candidate Selection
Progressive HR strategies

Language Success Coaching Programs:

Innovative Thai Language Workshops
E-Coaching Program for Thai Language Success

English Success For Thais
Foreign Language Success Learning Methodologies


Life Coaching Programs:


Self Development to Bring Out Your Best-self
Dating Tips and Advice for Single Souls
Positive Parenting - Positive Parents Raise Positive Children
Stoicism for better emotional health and emotional success

Positive Mindset Development - Law of Attraction
Singapore Culture Orientation Program for new expatriates

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