Learn Thai on-the-go with Khun Kruu Noot's E-Lessons.

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Who is Khun Kruu Noot?
Khun Kruu Noot is a Thai language Success Coach, with years of Thai langauge teaching experience from her teenhood and  she is also a proactive mindset coach too, out of her passion in people development.  She is originally from Bangkok and currently based in Singapore. You can check out her full professional profile to learn more about her on


How we can help you learn Thai more effectively?
We understand that most Thai learners nowadays are trying to learn Thai online by themselves but they have challenges in finding the learning resources that can keep them motivated to progress consistently and able to integrate learning into their daily lives. Khun Kruu Noot's E-coaching program is designed to help busy her working students learn Thai in bite-sized lessons on daily basis via our exclusive FB groups and Telegram channels. As our student, when you have questions, you can also have e-coaching support, personally by Khun Kruu Noot via Telegram chat/FB messenger. (Even when it comes to Thai movies, TV shows, music videos, Khun Kruu Noot will be sharing the resources with you on that as well as she believes the best way to learn any languages is by watching the videos in the language itself.) 

How are we different?
Khun Kruu Noot's bite-sized Thai lessons are creatively designed to make them easy to understand, relevant to most people's daily lives and our 9 modules cover all levels' learning needs to help you build the habits to learn Thai daily. You can access our lessons easily just by checking your FB notifications from our FB groups + Telegram channels. Our e-lessons come in multimedia form, from photo lessons, photo + audio lessons and some video lessons too. 

What will you get for signing up to our Learn Thai on-the-go E-Coaching Program?
You will have the access to our exclusive 9 modules' e-lessons that cover all levels of Thai language in 9 FB groups (+ 9 Telegram Channels for revision, just in case you are not active on FB).

Module 1) Thai for Beginners
Module 2) Thai Conversation Success
Module 3) Thai Consonants and Vowels
Module 4) Thai Literacy Success
Module 5) Intermediate Thai
Module 6) Advanced Tha
Module 7) Thai For Romance
Module 8) Thai For Holidays
Module 9) Thai For Business

As our students you will also enjoy complimentary 3 bonus FB groups for your Thai listening practice, learning community, and Q&A support.

Bonus Group 1) WisePolyglot Inner Circle 
Bonus Group 2) Multimedia Thai by Khun Kruu Noot
Bonus Group 3) Khun Kruu Noot's Lessons

How much is the subscription fee to enjoy all these?
For monthly access to all modules, SGD28 (~USD20.66)
For yearly access to all modules, SGD288 (~USD212.45)
For lifetime access to all modules, SGD588 (~USD433.76) + Special Access to "Learn Thai For Life with Khun Kruu Noot"

During your subscription, you will have special viewing access to our new lesson updates daily from Khun Kruu Noot's personal FB so, please add her as your friend to enjoy this exclusive benefit. 

These are OUR 9 modules THAT COVER ALL LEVELS.

START learning thai on the go with us now: 

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 Our students' Testimonials

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