Learn Thai On-The-Go with Khun Kruu Noot

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Learning any foreign language can be a life-long learning journey, so our program is designed to make your Thai language learning journey more fun and easier with our bitesized Thai-lessons + audio that cover all levels of Thai langauge in our 9 module-program via FB groups and Telegram channels.

With Khun Kruu Noot's Thai language teaching experience of 20 years, she has created tons of bitesized Thai lessons in multimedia format (photos, photo+audio and videos) which were known to be fun, creative, relatable, easy to remember and helpful in enhancing her students' overall learning experience.

One of our coaching goals is to inspire our students on how they integrate Thai language into their daily lives through Khun Kruu Noot's daily lives.

By subscribing to our "Learn Thai on-the-go" program, you will enjoy unlimited access to our exclusive e-lessons, you can choose to subscribe to her E-learning program for 1-year access or lifetime access.

What covers in our "Learn Thai on-the-go"program?

1) VIP access to all of her exclusive e-lessons in her personal FB profile and 9 FB groups + 9 Telegram channels, which cover all 9 modules/levels of Thai language (see the topics of each module below).

2) Q&A support for 1 year (through Telegram chat with Khun Kruu Noot).

3)  Unlimited access to all Thai lessons on Khun Kruu Noot's personal FB profile with regular updates.

How much is the investment cost for your Thai language learning through this program?

"Learn Thai on-the-go Program" with 1-year access at SGD288 (~USD216)
"Learn Thai on-the-go Program For Life" with lifetime access at SGD588 (~USD441).

These are the 9 modules that cover in our program

Objective of our E-learning program:

We are here to help you learn Thai yourself more effectively by integrating Thai language learning into your busy lifestyle, with our fun, relatable and easy to remember bitesized e-lessons  in our FB groups, with Q&A e-coaching support, personally by Khun Kruu Noot on Telegram.

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How to sTart Learning Thai with Khun Kruu Noot?

1) Check out her preview lessons on Telegram and FB page first to see if they are suitable for your learning needs.


2)  Select one of the  "Sign up" buttons of your choice below (for 1 year access or for lifetime access)

3) PM Khun Kruu Noot's your registration details so she can provide you the access via FB and Telegram

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What did Khun Kruu Noot's students say?

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