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Would you like to learn Thai with Coach Noot's E-Coaching Program + Q&A Support?

If you enjoy our preview lessons on Coach Noot's social media channels, we have a lot more that you can learn from on our Learn Thai On-The-Go E-coaching Program.

We believe in creating fun, relatable, and easy-to-remember bite-sized Thai lessons for our students to keep them motivated to keep progressing towards their goals and help them integrate learning into their daily lives via our exclusive channels on social media platforms (Our main platforms for e-lessons are: FB closed groups + Telegram channels but we have some Thai lessons available on Linkedin, Tiktok and Instagram too).

The main objective of our E-coaching program is to optimize your Thai language learning experience by providing you with lots of multimedia bite-sized Thai lessons, along with sharing of interesting Thai media resources, learning strategies, recommending learning tools/apps, and Q&A support (via Telegram chat).

We update our new lessons regularly, so you can learn Thai anytime, anywhere with the most contemporary Thai language.


These are OUR 9 modules THAT COVER ALL LEVELS.

By subscribing to our Learn Thai On-The-Go E-Coaching Program, you will gain the exclusive access to all of our e-lessons in our 9 modules (via 9 FB Groups and 9 Telegram Channels. Do let us know if you are more active on Linkedin, TikTok, Instagram, so we can consider expanding our e-lessons there too):

Module 1) Thai for Beginners
Lessons on: basic vocabulary

Module 2) Thai Conversation Success
Lessons on: Thai grammar, sentence structure, how to form sentences, questions 

Module 3) Thai Consonants and Vowels
Lessons on:  Basic requirements for Thai Script: Thai Consonants, Thai vowels, Thai numbers

Module 4) Thai Literacy Success  
Lessons on: Thai reading and writing rules, tone rules, irregular spellings and etc.

Module 5) Intermediate Thai
Lessons on: Learn Thai from Thai quotes, more complex sentences, expressions, slang and etc.

Module 6) Advanced Tha
Lessons on: Thai articles/passages, more advanced vocabulary

Module 7) Thai For Romance
Lessons on: Thai for different stages of relationships, Thai for singles, love/relationship-related vocabulary

Module 8) Thai For Holidays
Lessons on: Conversation for on holidays, talking about food, drinks, shopping, hotels and etc.

Module 9) Thai For Business
Lessons on: Conversation for business, Business vocabulary, talking about work, colleagues, boss, and ect.

As a student in our E-Coaching Program, you will have the privilege to enjoy 3 bonus groups:

Bonus Group 1) ECP Inner Circle - For student learning community, where you can connect with other students, or ask questions under the e-lessons.

Bonus Group 2) Khun Kruu Noot's New Lessons - For our new lessons notification update 

Bonus Group 3) Multimedia Thai by Khun Kruu Noot - For you to practice your Thai language listening skills with the media resources that we recommend.

This program comes with Q&A support, where you will have direct contact to PM Coach Noot via Telegram Chat/FB messenger whenever you have any questions or need guidance on Thai language learning strategies.

How to subscribe to our Learn Thai on the go E-Coaching Program?

Step 1) Fill in this ECP Subscription Form

Step 2) Pay for the subscription fee (via PayPal/Credit Card via PayPal (International) or PayNow to Coach Noot's Mobile No. (for Singapore only )


Step 3) PM Coach Noot's Page to with payment details to request for our E-coaching program's access.

Step 4) Start learning Thai from Coach Noot's exclusive e-lessons (on Khun Noot's FB profile, our FB closed groups and Telegram Channels).

How much is the subscription fee?

1) 1-Year Subscription: SGD288 (~ USD212) 
For 1-year access to our E-coaching Program (renewable yearly/cancel anytime).

2) Special Rate! Life-time Subscription: SGD555 (~ USD409) --> From Usual rate: SGG588
For the access to our E-coaching Program for life (pay once and be our student with full VIP access for life)

START learning thai on the go with us now: 

What Do Our E-Lessons look like?
(Many of these photo lessons come with audio/Video too)

Khun Kruu Noot Thai Lessons.png

 Our students' EXPERIENCES

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