Thai language is not as difficult as most people think it is. It is quite an easy language to learn as it does not come with complicated grammar rules and complex sentence structure. You just need to know where to put words into sentences.
If you have already managed to pick up some Thai words, you just need to learn about Thai basic sentence structure so you know where to put those words in the right order. e.g.  "Subject + Action + Object" eg. Khun gin rice (= You eat  rice.) Pom kao-jai khun (= I understand you.).  For Yes-No questions, you can simply add "mai?" to convert a statement into a question eg. Khun yaak gin kaao mai? ( Literal Translation: you want eat rice?) . Do you get the idea of how simple it is?
Thai language is a tonal language, if you are Chinese speakers, you already have the tonal foundation advantage to learn how to pronounce Thai words with tones pretty easily. For westerners, it is a bit of a challenge to pick up Thai tones, but Khun Kruu Noot has techniques to make it easy for you too.  
With Passion and Determination, anything is possible. 
In our Basic Thai language course, we will use "Paa-saa Karaoke" (Karaoke Phonetics) to help you understand how to pronounce Thai words accurately without having to learn Thai "ABCD" from the start. Learning how to read and write actual Thai characters will come in at a higher level of our Thai course.  We believe that the most natural way of learning a language should start with practicing  on listening and speaking skills before moving on to reading and writing skills.
Think about it. How did we learn our own first language as a child? Kids start learning their first language by listening first, then they learn how to make sounds, then speak in words, sentences and much later on they go to school and learn how to read and write. We also believe in the similar learning concept and apply it in our  Thai language teaching method to our students but they won't need to take years to learn like how a kid does in picking up their first language.
If you would like to enroll to our Thai language class, I suggest you learn to pick up at least 20-30 basic words in Thai language first, it will help to speed up your learning process as you will have more vocabulary to work with right from your first lesson.

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