Thailand is known to be a favorite travel destination to many people around the world as it is a paradise for food, shopping and many natural sightseeing sights.

You probably can survive in Thailand alright without the ability to speak Thai language most Thai people will usually be able to speak basic English (very basic) or will at least bother to use body language to communicate with you, provided that you travel around the city area and the tourist attraction areas. Otherwise, it is advisable to get some basic Thai before you travel there.
At WisePolyglot , we have a 4 lessons course to equip you with basic Thai for tourists to make your trip to Thailand become more fun and more memorable with more interactive experience with locals.    
"Survival Thai" is an intensive Thai course of 4 lessons-module for those who only need to have just enough basic and foundation of Thai language to be able to survive in Thailand.
It is suitable for those with busy schedule and unable to commit on 10-lessons course, you can take this "Survival Thai" course as a quick intensive Thai language foundation course before continuing with your self-studies to further excel in this language.
Who should take up this course? 

Anyone who is new to Thai language with interest to explore more about Thai culture and would like to have a better experience when visiting Thailand for a short holiday or business trip 

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