About KhunKruu Noot

Ms Chompoonoot Kamjornratsameekit is one of the co-founders of WisePolyglot and she is also our Thai Language Coach.
She is commonly known amongst her students as "KhunKruu Noot".
KhunKruu Noot was a Thai teacher in Thailand  from 2001 -2007 and she has been a Thai teacher in Singapore since 2008 until now.

She has written 3-course books of Thai language as her own teaching materials and she has created her own innovative training & coaching methods that can apply to corporate training as well as Thai language teaching.

KhunKruu Noot's Thai lessons was previously known under "WiseParrot Thai Language" brand and now it has been renamed as "WisePolyglot Thai Language", you can "Like" her Facebook page to stay updated with her Thai language post on:www.facebook.com/WiseParrot and feel free to add her as friend on: www.facebook.com/WiseThaiChoach to stay in touch with KhunKruu Noot.

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